Our Centres


Lifescan Medical Centre specialises in delivering personalised, executive screening and wellness programmes for our corporate clientèle and working professionals located in Orchard Road and the Central Business District (CBD) in Singapore. With more than 10 years of clinical experience, Lifescan Medical Centre is a veteran in the medical industry of health screening.

Lifescan Medical Centre is spearheaded by a panel of doctors who are affiliated with the College of Family Physicians Singapore. With individual interests ranging from weight management and sports medicine to sexual health, our doctors are constantly updated with the advancements made in cutting-edge medical technology. The consistent upgrading of modern skills and knowledge allows them to better diagnose, treat and manage various conditions.

Lifescan Medical Centre is a subsidiary of Singapore Medical Group (SMG) – a private primary and specialist healthcare provider. Incorporated in 2005 and listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) since 2009, SMG has a network of more than 22 different specialties.


Lifescan Medical Centre clinics are strategically located at Paragon and OUE Downtown Gallery. The flagship centre at Paragon offers convenient access to imaging and radiology services at the same location. Our clinics offer a comprehensive range of medical and diagnostic services and we are specialised in cross-disciplinary health screening programmes that suit your individual needs.

Lifescan Medical Centre works closely with our extensive network of specialists to provide our patients with upmost medical care. Our healthcare professionals are constantly updated with current medical techniques and knowledge in the advancements of recent medical technology. Our approach to clinical problem-solving is based on evidence-based medicine to ensure our patients are prescribed with the most appropriate treatment for their health concerns.


All Lifescan Medical Centre locations, from our numerous primary care clinics to our specialist networks and imaging centre, are linked by our electronic medical record system. This means that any Lifescan Medical Centre doctor who treats you has instant access to your medical information, which ensures that your care is safer, smarter and better coordinated. We pride ourselves in providing our patients with a seamless service linking from all our centres.


We understand that no one person is the same therefore we do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ healthcare solution.

At Lifescan Medical Centre, we practice precision medicine involving patient-centred care and personalised medication. We believe in redirecting our focus away from the disease, back to the patient. Understanding that health is personal, whether it is your genetics, eating habits or response to medication, your health is a collection of activities and behaviour that are unique to you.

Customisation of healthcare based on individual patient’s phenotype and genotype allows tailoring of medical intervention, practices and treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient.

Our aim is to improve quality of care through the integration of best research evidence with clinical expertise and patient’s preferences.

Incorporated in 2005, Singapore Medical Group (SMG) is a private specialist and primary healthcare provider with a network of more than 20 medical specialties. The Group is committed to its promise of providing patient centred medical care and experience to every individual. SMG has more than 27 clinics and a growing network of SMG Associates clinics all across the island.