cPass™ Test


cPass™ Test detects the level of antibodies against the COVID19 virus in your body. It is recommended for individuals to undergo cPass™ testing approximately 14 days post vaccination. You will receive your results within 7 days. Doctor consultation is not required but if you wish to consult a doctor, additional $30 consultation fees apply.

Our clinic staff will contact you for an appointment after the payment has been made. Alternatively, you may contact us at 6735 3000 or email to to secure an appointment.

Health screening packages booked must be utilised within 12 months from the date of the purchase. The health screening packages and the items in the package are non-transferable, non-exchangeable, and non-refundable, including the unutilised portion.


Add-ons total:


? - Consultation with an eye specialist*
- Visual Acuity (Test for Distance & Near vision)
- Auto Refraction (Computerised measurement of the refractive power of your eyes)
- Tonometry (Computerised measurement of the eye pressure using a non-contact device)
- Refraction by Optometrist (Spectacles and/or contact lens prescription)
- Slit lamp examination (Detailed examination of the cornea, lens, vitreous, retina, optic nerve and macula)
*Medical report is not included.
? - Unaided and Aided Visual Acuity
- Manifest Refraction
- Intraocular Pressure
- Colour Vision Checks
- Stereopsis / Binocular Vision Check
- Ocular Health Status
? - Consultation, Scale and Polish, Stain Removal, Dental Care Kit and Full Mouth X-ray (OPG)
? - Aesthetic Consult, Scale and Polish, Take Home Whitening and Desensitising Kit
? - Aesthetic Consult, Scale and Polish, In-chair Whitening Session (4 cycles) and Desensitising Kit
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